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Transgender Childrens
Bill of Rights

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TransYouth Family Advocates

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Transgender Children's Bill Of Rights

1.)  I have the right to be on the outside, who I truly am inside – even if I'm     
     really young.

2.)  I have the right to dress in clothes that make me feel comfortable.

3.) I have the right to live with my parents and not be taken away from them
     because of my gender identity, or what care they choose for me.

4.)  I have the right to be taught by teachers who understand that gender
identity is a spectrum,       not a binary. I have the right to have adults
understand that I'm not being naughty or dramatic or doing this on purpose.

5.)  I have the right to be in a classroom where other students have been taught about the                gender spectrum, where I can be safe, where I don't have to answer a lot of questions
     or be teased for my gender.

5.) I have the right to use the right bathroom for me.

6.) I have the right to learn about other people in history whose gender didn't match the                   bodies they were born with.

7.) I have the right to medical care which gives me dignity and congruity. My parents have the         right to insurance to help them pay for this care.

8.) I have the right to join a club or a sports team (Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, boys basketball               league, etc.) that fits my identity.

9.)  I have the right to go through puberty in the gender that I identify with.

10.)  I have the right to be a regular kid – to work hard and play freely, to be punished when I've         been bad, to get the grades I've earned, to be free of people pitying me or staring at me.  
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